Fast internet without outage and limits.

Vybrané projekty s možností připojení na optiku najdete.
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Running service within 2-5 days,
installed by our technician.
How does installation look like

Nabídka optických tarifů Fiber

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Fiber optic options

There are two possible scenarios. Either there is optic line near your house and we can just branch it for your connection or it is already wired and installed inside your house. Let us know and we will tell you if it´s possible to connect to our fiber optic network.


Preparation of fiber optic line

If it is possible ask for connection during construction works on your house, since you need to get protection tube from outside to your house (ideally into technical room or basement, where you can connect it with your home network).


Service offerings and installation

Based on technical inspection, the technician will recommend best possible solution that fits your expectations and needs. Then he finishes installation by blowing fiber cables into protection tubes finished in your house.


Signing the contract

You can immediatelly sign the contract and ask for activation of the service or discuss the activation date.


Service ready to use

Užívejte si naplno výhody nejrychlejšího a spolehlivého internetového připojení.

We care about upload as well

Are going to share trip photos with friends or use a cloud ? Then upload speed is essential to you.

Great customer service

In a case of any problems we are here for you to help. Feel free to use our client zone, web chat, email or call us at 227 031 811.

Watch TV over internet

Don´t get limited when it comes to watching your favourite shows. Watch TV on all your devices including phones, tablets, laptops. We include TV services into selected internet tariffs.

Internet without failure

Internet services aren´t just about speed. Essential is also low latency and no packet loss. We make sure that these issues won´t happen to you.

No lies about attributes

We play fair and speeds we offer are always given by contract. No more “up to something speeds” that doesn´t meet the expectations. Count on it.

Other fees

Fee, service Price (include VAT)
Private IP address 360,- allocation
50,- monthly fee
Receiving invoices via Czech Post 62,-
Reactivating non-payed services after suspension 450,- + one month payment
+ debt
Technician trip + on-site work (first 30min) 480,-
on-site work (every other hour) 360,-
Activation fee for home-made installations 360,-
Lending of hardware (max 1 month) 360,-
Change of tariff (max 1 per month) 0,-
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